Malort is coming back!

I did my first shot of Malort the first time I visited Chicago, received a job offer the next day and moved here within a couple weeks to launch Q87.7.  In short, the bitter wormwood liquor is magic to me.  So much, that I had my friend do her first shot for a Cubs win during the wild card game (which didn’t work but got us a base hit at least!)  Video below.

Today is a great day!  Jeppson’s Malort has been acquired by CH Distillery!

CH Distillery, my favorite option at our Windy City Brewhaha ‘s, is a craft distillery known for its organic vodka.  They plan to make and bottle Malort at the Pilsen distillery beginning next year, effectively bringing Malort, a Swedish liquor with deep Chicago roots, back to its hometown.

Since the 1970s, Malort has been distilled in Florida, though its primary market has remained Chicago.

Welcome home baby!

When was your first shot of Malort?  Tweet me.

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First shot of Malört for a Cubs win

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