Mascot fires t-shirt gun into crotch, carted off the field to cheers

screen shot from Lindsay Joy Twitter video


Yes, the headline is real. Yes, there is video of it.

Chip the Buffalo who was trying to work the crowd for his home team, the University of Colaradio apparently did not aim the t-shirt gun the right way and fired the the propelled swag directly into his groin. It is genuinely funny in a sad way to some poor soul in a giant animal costume cave to their knees in agony, and I feel bad taking in the schadenfreude of it all.

 But the person playing Chip stayed committed and never removed his mask or break his cheerful gimmick, as he was carted off the field waving to adoring fans. captured video of his inspired exit.

Chip has taken to Twitter to confirm he will be off the DL soon and ready for action.

You still want to google schadenfreude right?