Not many enjoyed the KSI vs Logan Paul boxing fight


Two popular Youtubers went into the ring on Saturday in Manchester, England with a sold-out crowd of 15,000 and millions streaming it online. Logan Paul, the tone-deaf attention starved dude who filmed a dead body in Japan’s ‘Suicide Forest’ months ago battled gaming tuber KSI. The two traded insults for months online, made diss rap tracks against one another, and also got each other’s brothers to fight on the under card of this carnival sideshow charging $10 for 6-round amateur fight which ended… in a draw. Yes, a draw. The rematch apparently has already been booked.

No matter what you may think of it, the fight has to be considered a success as a business venture. Mashable said has this take: “Using their massive platforms fueled by clickbait-y drama, the Paul and Olatunji brothers did what they do best: take money from children — or, really, parents willing to open their wallets for merch and PPV. ”

The Verge reported today the fight drew around 773,000 live viewers officially and the latest number is settled right under 5 million total paid viewers. Still it looks like a majority of people watched the fight illegally on Twitch.

The response to the fight from fans of these millennial darlings has been mixed at best, but many have speculated the fight was a big fix and not legit bout as it was sold to be. Neither have legtimate boxing background, except KSI who previously promoted a similar fight some time ago and immediately challenged the Pauls.

Of course, the pot is already brewing for another hype fest.