‘The Simpsons’ and 2 other big animated shows are getting new movies

FOX is reportedly developing a new movies for ‘the Simpsons’ , ‘Family Guy’, and ‘Bob’s Burgers’. The news comes as the studio is in a state of flux with it being owned by NBC Universal/Comcast, and long public statements from ‘Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening stating that a sequel to 2007 ‘Simpsons Movie’ would be too much, as it took so much out of his team. Still it seems exciting that these films are in the works since so many animated features are primarily focused on young kid audiences, and this can be an colorful alternative. These potential flicks make sense since each show has a dedicated following, so  why shouldn’t these Sunday night TV favorites get a big screen boost with everything else being re-fried/rebooted/retooled for a film adaption?

The ‘Family Guy’ movie is not nearly as much of a giant leap as the show has constantly done long arching-storylines episode-to-episode and Seth McFarlane’s team has consistently parodied classic movies with epic scale. The show has done a complete spoof of ‘Star Wars’ and they have done smaller omages which are counted down here by WatchMojo.

The Bob’s Burgers moive beef-up is the one that savors my palette the most of three. It has been reported for quite some time, and it seems we will get in 2020. The Belcher’s quirks and musical outbursts could benefit from being super-sized but the show has a die-hard fanbase that will put a lot of pressure on the team behind this to deliver in it’s first film.

Thanks to Consequence of Sound for bring this news to my attention.