Baez rewards kid who missed foul ball; internet roasts guy who took it.

So, THIS happened at yesterday’s Chicago Cubs game.  But there is always more than meets the eye.  More on that in a minute — right now, check out the dreams of a kid get dashed.

The Cubs got wind of it, so they hooked up the kid with TWO baseballs — one game used and one autographed by Javy Baez.  MY MAN!

Turns out, the bald guy isn’t the bad guy he is made out to be.

So he isn’t a horrible person.  HOWEVER…in the age of cameras being EVERYWHERE, it might be better to follow a certain protocol.  Namely — if you are an adult, maybe you don’t get to walk out of the ballpark with a souvenir anymore?

I’ve NEVER caught a stray baseball in the stands, but if I do — here’s my plan:  I find some young fan, preferably with an old worn glove, a Cubs hat, and that flash of excitement in the eye brought on by being at a real-life pro ballgame.  I make a deal with the kid — with parental permission — that I get to take a selfie of the ball that I caught along with the kid that I will entrust for its safe keeping forevermore.  I think everyone wins that way.  — [eric]