“Bless The Rains,” help charity with this Weezer tee. Plus, a Top 10 list of iconic “Alt” shirts.

Weezer’s cover of “Africa.”  It’s amazing that one girl’s Tweet has led to….this.

Now you can own this snazzy looking piece of commemorative Weezer merch — and at the same time, you will be charitable.  All proceed of this tee are being donated to Roots Ethiopia, “a non-profit organization that improves schools, enables livelihoods educates children and serves special needs students in the SNNPR Ethiopia.”

Now, I present a non-exhaustive and completely subjective list of Top 10 “Alt” Themed Tees.  Feel free to share your own favs on Facebook/Twitter.  — [eric]

A Non-Exhaustive, Completely Subjective Top 10 List of “Alt” Themed Tees

10.  Weezer – “Rock Music” Tee

9.  My Chemical Romance – “Three Cheers” Tee

8.  Oasis “Classic Logo” Tee

7.  CBGBs Tee

6.  Frankie Goes To Hollywood “Relax” Tee

5.  Nirvana “Smiley” Tee

4.  Blink-182 “Smiley” Tee

3.  Black Flag “White Logo” Tee

2.  MTV “Logo” Tee

1.  Smashing Pumpkins “Zero” Tee