Video: Man gets junk stuck in public transit turnstile

Warning this is HARD to watch, and does NOT feature any graphic nudity but it’s not easy to hear this man screams as a team of police and transit officials work to get his junk removed from a turnstile in London’s Underground system. The story has been viral today in the UK, and  Metro had an on-point lead-off line saying the following:

Sometimes in life you have days where everything goes perfectly and you end up feeling like a superhero. Then there are the times when you try to hurdle the gates in the London Underground and get your genitals stuck in the barriers.

Yeah, this was one of those days. It does make you think of all the bad behavior on the CTA which I am pretty sure we have all witnessed once or twice.The man was removed safely but appeared to be in a tremendous amount of pain, on top of the huge amount of regret he has for trying that in the first place.