DO NOT EAT LAUNDRY DETERGENT: Pizza ‘Pied Pods’ to the rescue!


This Tide Pod Challenge thing is getting out of hand. This call-to-dumb-action meme trend has been springing up with the attention-craving teens biting in the laundry detergent pods in hopes of instant internet glory but it’s incredibly dangerous and poisonous. It’s gotten so bad, Proctor & Gamble who make Tide have launched a public safety campaign to make sure people don’t put the detergent in their mouths. The weird trend has sent some people to hospital, but it has sparked some fun edible alternatives.

A Brooklyn pizzeria named Vinnie’s has jumped in to save the day from “harmful if swallowed” to ‘delightful if swallowed’ with their ‘Pied Pod’. It’s a delish mini-calzone with dyed-cheese on the top giving it same color scheme as the Tide Pod, but it’s edible and tastes good!

VICE got to check out ‘Pied Pods’ in person and relayed their approval.

“Listen. We’re concerned about the youths. They’re eating laundry detergent pods. We needed to do something,” Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post on Thursday. “Our Pied Pods have [those] bright, alluring colors that youths crave BUT are 100 percent edible and 100 percent not poison.”

The ‘Pied Pods’ are not a permanent part of the menu at Vinnie’s, in response to this owner

Sean Berthiaume says “If people start coming in and asking for them, then I’ll put them on the menu.”