Best Movies of 2017, let’s debate!

It’s the last day of 2017, a year that had several blockbuster bangers and busts at the movie theater. We go to the top Youtube movie critics to cull together a solid overview of the best movies of the year. Don’t worry because you all love to see someone fall down, we will will also cover the worst as well.

Here my 10  best movies of 2017 in no ranked order. PS: Don’t be mad at me for seeing a lot of superhero movies. 

  • Star Wars: the Last Jedi: The haters can sip their haterrade out of their Chewbacca collector cups, this was not the top Star Wars movie, it was the great one out now. Outside of some pacing issues and that one scene with Princess Leia, it delivered the fan-boy thrills and general audience chills. ‘thrills and chills” yeah, I wen there.
  • The Big Sick: Playing in comedy scene of Chicago with a comic who came up from that scene, Kumail Nanjiani.delivers a romantic comedy that refuses to play into lame dull rom-com tropes while deliver on the organic laughs of Judd Apatow produced movies. You go from chuckling to riding with this couple through a medical scare that we can all relate into in some way.
  • Thor: Ragnarok: The God of Thunder brings action and unfiltered out-of-this-world fun. Far away the best solo flick with Chris Hemsworth and it has a very memorable chemistry between Thor and the Incredible Hulk.
  • Get Out: The scariest movie of the year was the debut from Jordan Peele of ‘Key and Peele’ fame plays on racial tension with an ending that literally had movie-goers cheering in the theater when I saw it. Shout out to Chicago’s own Lil’ Rel who has a hilarious supporting role here.
  • Wonder Woman: DC Comics fans finally got a universally well-received adeventure with Gal Gadot bringing people to tears by simply being an Amazon that kicks ass and loves at the same time.
  • LOGAN : Speaking of tears, Hugh Jackman’s farewell performance as Wolverine was an emotional ride for Marval fans who saw him end his tragic journey of pain in the X-Men series.
  • Baby Driver: One of the most brilliant car-oriented movies. Director Edgar Wright brings more fast and furious fun in this heist story that effectively mixes action, compelling performances, and the best soundtrack of the year.
  • Blade-Runner 2049: It may have been long, too long for some but it is a ride to another place. It has to be one of the most accurate sequels in terms of just bringing the vibe of the original energy while also expanding on it and giving you investment in the new characters.
  • The LEGO Batman Movie: ‘HOW MANY SUPERHERO MOVIES IS HE GOING TO PUT HERE?’ Just looking at movies I saw, but this stunningly animated big laugh-per-minute flick was worth every penny.
  • IT: Stephen King’s beloved horror books have been taken to the big screen and TV with mixed results, but this delivered kids vs evil tale on all fronts.

Now here are some educated cinematic minds with their take of the best of ’17.