X-MEN JOINS MARVEL MOVIES?! Disney expected buy FOX Movies & TV shows this week

Disney could announce a deal this week to purchase the movie and TV studio properties of 21st Century Fox. This huge $60 billion dollar deal has been reported for weeks now, with Fox talking to several other big media companies including Comcast but today’s near-confirmation comes from CNBC. According to Variety, Fox would retain Fox News, the Fox broadcast network, and Fox Sports 1, which will be re figured into a new, independent company. Disney would seek to acquire the lost pieces of some of their owned properties to expand their work in films, merchandise, and beyond with Fox movie and TV shows.

Disney would get control over all the movie and various TV shows under the Fox umbrella that includes the X-Men which could lead to a huge addition to the D’s established ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’ series.The Marvel films have generated a whopping $13 billion following the release of ‘Thor: Ragnarok, so adding more synergy creating more exciting team-ups and battles means more blockbuster box office success. We could finally see Wolverine meet the Avengers on the big screen. Deadpool could crack wise next to Iron Man.. What would Disney do with these new characters at their theme parks in Florida and California? There is a lot possibilities of fun things happening here but the recent more adult R-rated vibe of ‘Logan’ and ‘Deadpool’ on the Fox side could get pulled back under Disney. Polygon reported this week Bob Iger, Disney’s chief executive, confirmed with investors in a recent call that Disney, including subsidiaries like Lucasfilm and Marvel Studios, would never make a hard R-movie.

So what does that mean for risque FOX TV shows like ‘Family Guy’? How does this affect the beloved ‘Simpsons’? Can ‘Bob’s Burgers’ still have burgers or do they have go vegetarian? So many questions arise, but only the future holds the answers.

A major influence for this deal is Disney planned launch of their own digital streaming service which will feature all of their movies, TV shows, and many originally produced shows. It’s a massive venture on the Mouse’s part basically making them a direct competitor with Netflix. With these new Fox shows and movies under it’s white gloved grip, it could fill out a tasty on-demand offering for this future over-the-top service.

Just remember ‘the Simpsons’ predicted this.

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