Derrick Rose could be done in the NBA

Former Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose whose currently with the Cleveland Cavaliers is reportedly contemplating his future in the NBA. ESPN reports today that Rose has missed 11 of the Cav’s games this season so far with a sprained left ankle, and his continued streak of injuries is making him question whether or not he wants to continue playing according to sources in the league.

“He’s tired of being hurt and it’s taking a toll on him mentally.” one source told ESPN.  The article also details how Rose is no longer with the team on an excused absence, and has not been communicating with the Cavs or others close to him.  K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune also reported those close to Rose are not sure what he’ll do.

Rose suffered two serious knee injuries during his time with Bulls including a critical setback during the 2012 Playoff campaign, after he won the league MVP honors in 2011. Many Bulls fans were behind on the hometown hero on his multiple roads to recovery, but unfortunately with the constant shake-ups in pro sports, Rose had to leave town to be with a potential contender.

Last year Rose jumped to the New York Knicks where he missed a game without permission from the team and was fined. He later cited a family issue as the reason. Now with the Lebron James lead Cavaliers, Rose was looking for another reboot to the emotional roller coaster that has been his pro basketball career. He signed a one-year deal.

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