Happy Thanksgiving, Ya Filthy Animals! Riot Fest dates set for 2018, Pre-sale starts

Does this pre-sale ticket video from Riot Fest rule or what? Is there any clues here towards who could be on the 2018 lineup?

Riot Fest has set their dates for 2018 with September 14-16th in the calendar. This keeps the alt music festival and carnival in the great pocket between the summer and when people start treating ‘pumpkin spice’ like it’s a special thing.

The pre-sale tickets for RF2018 launches today at 10AM CST at this link. You know your fest is tops, when you can do pre-sale before you even announce a band.

Yes, this teaser is just like that one movie within the movie ‘Home Alone’ which stars Kevin McCallister who wishes his family away right before Christmas. I did something similar with 101WKQX the past two Christmases and it did not go well.