NEW MUSIC ALERT! Beck releases energetic new album ‘Colors’

Beck has sure taken releasing his new album ‘COLORS’ which has been in the works for more than 2 years, with the first single from it being the smash hit ‘Dreams’ which was the summer anthem of 2015. Now today it’s finally here after two funky singles released in ‘WOW’ and ‘Up All Night’ coming out since, it’s available on all major streaming services and in a retail vynl release.

On first listen, it shows that Mr. Hansen whose more 25 years into his alternative music career is still one of the most inventive and diverse artist out there. His hybrid mix of funky, synth pop, dance, and hip-hop is so organic vivid and to borrow one of his lyrics, “WOW!’ If you are fan of his more energetic work on the albums ‘Guero’, ‘Odelay!’ and ‘Midnite Vultures’ than there is a chance you will dig this fresh batch of butt-shakers.

So “giddy up” and dig into all these new tracks in the videos below.

Beck ‘Colors’ 

1. “Colors”
2. “7th Heaven”
3. “I’m So Free”
4. “Dear Life”
5. “No Distraction”
6. “Dreams”
7. “Wow”
8. “Up All Night”
9. “Square One”
10. “Fix Me”