Who Takes Care Of The Grass At O’Hare? Goats, That’s Who

The goat, it seems, has found redemption in Chicago.

The City of Chicago’s Aviation Department has been utilizing a herd of goats and sheep for four of the last five summers to keep the grass trimmed at O’Hare.

Now, don’t be expecting to see the animals lining the runways the next time you come in for a landing…according to this article from DNAinfo, the herd of about 100 animals is only deployed on uneven, tough terrain.  In fact, the goat is far more efficient than mechanical means of landscaping because of their ability to access that kind of land,  “eat just about anything,” as well getting seeds and roots, not just the vegetation on the surface.

In just one month, 16 acres lay waste to the appetites of these ravenous beasts.  That’s efficiency.

So can we officially say that the goat…is the GOAT of grounds-keeping?  🐐🐐🐐🐐 – [eric]

[Photo Credit:  DNAinfo/Alex Nitkin]