Liam Gallagher steals the day at UK festival, but someone stole his sunglasses

Liam Gallagher performed a full set this weekend at the Reading Festival in the UK. Yes, unlike Lollapalooza where he stormed off after a few songs due to a technical issue, Liam actually played a full show!

We are kidding, but his Reading set is getting rave reviews. Still what is a Gallagher performance without something eventful happening then just the emotive music? Apparently someone stole Gallagher’s sunglasses backstage and the Manchester musician whose known to shout out against his detractors, took his shadeless anger to Twitter in a NSFW work post I can’t even share.  He also posted about an unfortunate and unexplained death of a young concert goer at the festival, NME has more on that here. 

Check out the videos of it here. Gallagher is touring behind his solo debut ‘As You Were’ which was released in June.

Check out his goosebumps-educing rendition of ‘Wonderwall’. It’s special to hear that many sing together with a song they have cherished for so long. Hopefully this magic continues on November 21st at the Rivera.