Listen to Panic! At the Disco with PIZZA LYRICS

What if the lyrics to Panic! At the Disco’s ‘i Write Sins Not Tragedies’ were redone with references to pizza? These are the silly things that go through my comedy buddy Andy Milne on a daily basis, we’ll have the 101WKQX on in his 1990 Honda Civic (yes, it still runs) and he will on the stop give the lyrics to a song the ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic treatment. He posted this the other day, and I lost it. It’s so ridiculous but sometimes that’s what makes life worth living right? A good song and a slice of pizza is just some of life’s simple pleasures, so why not throw a joke on top of it?

Meanwhile Brendon Urie and company are riding high after a very successful arena tour this past spring. Urie this past week finished his run in the Broadway musical ‘Kinky Boots’ to sold-out audiences.