Gross Slime Eels spill out in the most disgusting traffic jam

Hope you don’t read this while eating. Thousands of slime eels spilled from a truck during an accident on an Oregon highway this week, causing the most disgusting fender bender of all time. Aproximately 7.500 pounds of these slippery sick eels wiggled out onto the road while a truck delivering them hit their brakes causing a 4-car pileup. The truck tipped over sending the eels out onto cars and the road causing a traffic jam.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) said slime eels, formally known as hagfish, create mucous from glands along each side of their body when they feel threatened. What do they do when they are excited? I don’t want to know, why did I ask that?! Also how is the informal name ‘slime eel’ better than their real name ‘hagfish’? Question I don’t want answered but I am still asking.

“[They] are a primitive jawless fish similar to lamprey that are plentiful off the Oregon coast and considered a delicacy in Korea and China — though we guess these might not taste too good anymore,” the ODFW said in a statement from ODFW.