CREEPY! Watch JAWS while floating a lake

You Can Watch Jaws In The Water

This would be terrifying 😱🦈

Posted by LADbible on Thursday, June 22, 2017

They are going to need a bigger lake….

In Texas,  the Alamo Drafthouse has been hosting special Jaws on the Water” screenings on a lake  that they sell as ” jawesome thrills return again this summer!” It’s been going on a couple of years now with an expansion with screenings of other ‘JAWS’  films including ‘JAWS 2′ ‘JAWS 3’  and the awful final film ‘JAWS: the Revenge’. They add fireworks in when stuff blows up, you can get body-painted bite marks, and enjoying a drink while you float like waiting chum for the greatest predator to ever swim the deep. Bloody Disgusting has the whole story and more. 

Now could we do this on Lake Michigan? WAIT, DO WE HAVE SHARKS IN LAKE MICHIGAN?! Read about the debated history of Chicago’s 1955 ‘Shark attack’ in Lake Michigan.