VIDEO: Odd but True Presidential Facts, NOT “Alternative Facts”

Did George Washington actually have wooden teeth? Was Abraham Lincoln a good fist fighter? Was any President ever a bachelor in office? What President got stuck in a bathtub in the White House? What President won 2 Grammy Awards? All these ridiculous Presidential facts are true, not “alternative facts” as we’ve been hearing about recently. The fine and lovable folks at Good Mythical Morning at laid out all these brain-buzzing trivial questions in this topical episode from 2013.

Here are some absolutely 100% FAKE PRESIDENTIAL FACTS I thought would be fun to type out…

  • Richard Nixon declared the Moon the 51st State in 1969, proclaiming Astronaut Neil Armstong the Moon’s first Governor.
  • Theodore Roosevelt knocked out a bear once with a single punch…That sounds real. Really crazy stores about Teddy here. 
  • Bill Clinton would play Madden on Super Nintendo and get really mad when he lost, throw down the controller, and proclaim the game “CHEATED!”
  • For brief period, it was mandated that all Presidents must grow mutton chops to be considered to be elected,

Here are even more REAL Presidential Facts including what POTUS is on the $1,000 Dollar Bill