‘Star Wars’ Cantina Song is a SEX JAM? / 5 Alternative Get-it On Jams


Australia is an odd nation in that it has many poisonous dangerous animals while also having wonderful tourists destinations, and rich diverse culture, but the Aussies went for the weird this week when they voted the ‘Cantina Song’ from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope at their number 1 sex jam. Yep, that’s the song they get down to, the one that saw creepy aliens play space clarinets and Han Solo shoot a lazer into Greedo. Australia’s Gizmodo made the discovery and it’s not just something silly, it is based in actual facts.

That data was collected by mining playlists created by Australian users that contain the words “Valentine’s Day”, “Valentine’s”, “love,” or “sex,” meaning that either a lot of Australians ended their Valentine’s Day sleeping on the couch…. They also like Marmite down there, though, so take this advice with a grain of salt.

So just remember what goes down at the Mos Eisley Cantina, STAYS at the Most Eisley Cantina.

Songs by alternative favorites Kings of Leon also made the list along with R&B and pop favorites like Frank Ocean, Rihanna, and others. You can read more here. 

What are some other awkward sex jams for you to put on to either ruin or increase the mood? Well here are 5 silly selections (in no apparent order) from the wide world of alternative to help you out.