Gorillaz tease a new album with fun cartoon teasers

Gorilliaz have not released new music since 2010, so they are due to deliver another whimsical animated dose of alternative right? The masterminds behind the whole thing Blur’s Damon Albarn and his collaborator Jamie Hewlett publicly stated there could be new album due out this past June, but it was delayed to 2017. Recent reports have stated this new record could be done within “two weeks”.

Plus there is a ton of animated teasers floating out from the band’s social media accounts revealing the stories behind the virtual character members of the band. These two stories have centered on members Noodles and Russell. Hip hop heavyweights De La Soul (who previously scored the hit “Feel Good Inc” with Gorilliaz) and Snoop Dogg are confirmed to appear on the yet-to-be-titled album. Chicago rapper Vic Mensa is also rumored to participate as well.