Rick Bayless’s Emergency Taco is the savior of Frontera Grill staff


(from chicagoreader.com)

We don’t do family meal because I don’t believe in family meal very often,” Rick Bayless says to me at Frontera Grill as, behind him, four cooks dig into a platter of tacos and the hostess pulls up a gooey length of queso fundido. “A lot of restaurants do family meal, and because of the nature of the restaurant business it kind of gets pushed off to the side and it ends up being a slapdash thing. I don’t feel like it shows the kitchen staff, the front-of-house staff what we really feel about them. We call it the Emergency Taco because you’re really busy, and you’re starving, and all of those things are always ready and warm in this restaurant,” Bayless continues. “So you stop for a minute, and you make your perfect Emergency Taco. I think it’s one of the reasons for the longevity of our staff.”  (MORE HERE)

I love the idea of the EMERGENCY TACO so much I made a quick video about it. Rick Bayless you are my hero!! – Marconi