Zombie-Themed Drinks For Halloween

Zombie Brains Shot

This cocktail looks just like it’s name: ZOMBIE BRAINS. It’s based on The Walking Dead Series. It’s a disgusting looking mix of jagermeister, Baileys Irish cream, peach schnapps and grenadine. Despite is look it’s super sweet. Watch as Sophia chokes on this one!

Zombie Scooby Snack

A Zombified version of a scooby snack! It’s looks disgusting but it’s delicious and perfect for Halloween.

Zombie Bloodbath

If zombies run wild and start eating everyone you get a….ZOMBIE BLOODBATH. This cocktail is a mix of malibu red, uv cherry, ginger beer and all topped with kraken black spiced rum. It’s potent but smooth.

The Walking Dead Halloween Cocktail

This cocktail¬†is no joke! It’s base is Absinthe and Bacardi 151 and it looks just like vomit. Peach schnapps, Bailey’s Irish Cream and ginger beer are then added to complete this halloween masterpiece.