Jack White, A Real Baseball Player!

We all know that Jack White is a huge baseball fan. Let’s be honest, he started his very own baseball bat company and has been seen around the Cubs that past couple years. As we found out though this past week, not only is Jack White a huge fan of watching baseball, but he is also a big fan of actually picking up a bat and a ball and playing for real.

Jack was spotted out at a celebrity baseball game this past week not there to watch, but actually play! As you can see from the pictures below, he took at least one at bat and played first base for a inning.

We just wonder is Jack White as good at baseball as he is at making amazing music?

See ya later, Jack White😊@thirdmanrecordsofficial @texasplayboysbaseball #billyreidshindig 📸 @bonchicabonbon

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