Kid stares directly at TV camera during baseball game & WINS the internet

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Texas Christian University Frogs and  Coastal Carolina Chanticleers were slugging it out in the College World Series this past weekend but the undisputed winner was this kid LOCKED eyes with an ESPN camera and trolled America with his tractor-beam stare. It’s a cuter version of Medusa, the mythical monster in Greek folklore who would turn men to stone if you made direct eye contact except with this kid you just laugh uncontrollably. Beyond the humor of it, the ‘Staring Kid’ had a staring contest with a nationally televised audience and won decisively.

The best part is that his apparent Mom sitting next to him reacts like this delightful eccentric kid does this all time. ‘Ya know, just my kid, playing mind games with people via television..the usual’

This viral sensation will be the most popular boy at school when he finds out his mind powers can effect all those around him. He can make you vote for him to Prom King with telekinetic might like that. Yes, these are real things I thought up. @kevkellam