Unreleased Nirvana tracks surface online


Yes, previously unreleased Nirvana recordings have made their way online today through a private Nirvana forum from a fan who according to Alternative Nation, bought a recording reel on Ebay and discovered the tracks from what was titled ‘The Pachyderm Sessions’. They were dated February 15, 1993.  The major catch is that two new tracks are instrumentals and do not feature vocals. ‘Lullaby’ sounds like a deep album cut with odd keyboards, stomping drums, and weird scifi vibe to all of it. The other track of note is untitled. It is marked in a Youtube video simply as “Dave Solo” and is a romping track that apparently features Dave Grohl playing all the instruments, definitely foreshadows what Grohl would later create on the first Foo Fighters album in 1995. The recording session dates correlate with a time when the legendary Seattle was recording their final studio album ‘In Utero’ which was released on September 21, 1993.

The unearthed recordings are noted as the following. Currently we can only find the previously unheard songs in Youtube videos below. The song ‘Marigold’  (listed below) was first recorded by Grohl’s side project Late! in 1992, later being played by Nirvana and Foo Fighters in live shows. The song was included in “Lights Go Out” box set in 2004.

1) Dumb
2) Dumb (Instrumental)
3) Dave Solo
4) Marigold (Instrumental) * Kurt on Drums?
5) Marigold (Instrumental)
6) Marigold (With Cello)
7) Lullaby (Instrumental) * Kurt on Drums?

The last Nirvan single ‘You Know Your Right’ was made public in 2002. It was featured on several compilations including the band’s box set and the 2010 greatest hits collection called ‘Icon’.  @kevkellam