Darth Vader returns in the upcoming ‘Rogue One’

Darth Vader is striking back with a return of sorts in the upcoming Star Wars prequel film ‘Rogue One’. :LucasFilm President Kathleen Kennedy confirmed yesterday that the iconic villain will be in the film and will be voiced by the legendary James Earl Jones. David Prowse who was the physical actor in the role, will not be returning as he is currently 80 years old. Kennedy told EW that “a variety of large-framed performers”.will be utilized to cover the role of the evil Empire leader.  Kennedy did clarify that Vader will not be the central villain in ‘Rogue One’ with a character called Director Krennic assuming that spot, but she did say Lord Vader will be in “a key, strategic moment, he’s going to loom large.”

‘Rogue One’ takes place between Episode III and IV, and sees a band of Rebels operatives on a mission to get info about the then in-construction Death Star. You can find out more at EW.com  ‘Rogue One’  opens on December 16th in the USA.

If you are looking to dig deeper into ‘Rogue One’ , here is a breakdown of all the characters who are presented in the trailer and easter eggs that could hint at the big stuff going down in this story.