Why PIQNIQ was the greatest day of my life


Little note: I wrote this in 2016 the day before PIQNIQ when I was reflecting on PIQNIQ 2015, which is a day I deeply reflect on. So read on my reflective retrospective here…. 

So it’s the eve of a big day, tomorrow is Piqniq with an incredible line up that culminates months of anticipation in sun-kissed Tinley Park. It’s a huge concert event, but to me it’s more, a LOT more. Piqniq last year was special for me in many ways. In one day on the grandest scale, my childhood dreams came true on microphones but not any mics, microphones in special places.Tomorrow it’s not just a concert to me, it’s an anniversary of reaching the greatest day in my life so far.

Last year’s Piqniq was on June 6 2015 was my first day on air for 101WKQX and it was also the biggest rock concert of the year…and I could feel heartbeat like a drum every second.

I came into our former Merchandise Mart studios where 10 years earlier, I was an intern answering phones, pulling together research for DJ’s, and occasionally doing a silly voice. Back then I was one side of the desk,looking at the DJ’s, wishing I was one. To say entertaining thing before that song sends goosebumps down your arms or a smile across your face, that is where I wanted to be. Through so much trial and error (and then error again), I got the call to join the the on-air team after working away from the studio in the 101WKQX promotions department.

It took 10 years to walk into the Mart off the same train I took to Columbia College and White Sox games, to step inside the WKQX studio alone at midnight. To feel physically alone, but know that so many people listening was like being able to hold an 100,000 watt electric current in your hands.  It felt like this was what I had spent my entire adult life working for. The first song I got introduced was Bleachers “Like a River Runs” which lyrically felt like poetic justice.

A few hours later, I was on stage at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater introducing Smallpools. It felt surreal to get a crowd to yell and holler before a band, when I remember seeing my first rock show at the same venue being this bright blue eyed kid yelling because he loved music. Well on 6/16, I loved it a LOT more.

PS: It was my birthday too.

When there is so much sad things in our world going on, we got to appreciate the positive things. Tomorrow is just that, appreciate the music, the bands, and all the work that goes into putting on such a fun show. Celebrate it. Don’t hold back a single shimmy or shake, DANCE!

Here is a very ridiculous interview I did the happiest band in alternative, The Mowglis. We ate a banana, that fell on the ground. That’s how good we felt, guys!