‘Hey Arnold’ movie details revealed

We’ve heard the rumors but it’s really happening. ‘Hey Arnold’ will return in a TV movie called ‘Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie’ with almost all the original voice actors returning except Arnold. ¬†With the original voice actor Lane Toran aging out of the role, child actor Mason Vellcotton who you may know as Bobby Draper on the AMC drama series ‘Mad Men’, will handle the ‘football’ headed duties. Toran will still be involved in some undisclosed way.

The two-hour movie set to debut in 2017, also promises to pick up where the show left off in 2004 and reveal what happened to Arnold’s parents. Craig Bartlett who created the series, will write the movie and be it’s executive producer.

If Nickolodeon is rebooting all their classic shows, does this mean get an R-rated update of ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’? Whatever happens hold onto your containers of Gak, see what the original voice of Arnold looks like now in this video below. Spoiler: he’s supposedly a total hunk.