Garbage making headlines for PIQNIQ this Saturday


So we are almost there, like a roller coaster clicking up to it’s big drop off, we’re about to throw our collective hands up and yell ‘WOOOOOO!’ because PIQNIQ is this Saturday at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater!  If you don’t have tickets yet, get them here.

Garbage who close out this year’s PIQNIQ lineup, made some headlines with the Daily Southtown this week. Guitarist Duke Erikson talked in-depth about their new album “Strange Little Birds” (out now), what it took to make the album, and how they add to follow a scary goth band in Europe.

One of the more revealing parts of Erikson’s chat with the Southtown was why Garbage took such an extensive break in the past. “One reason we took such a long break a while back was just being fed up with the whole system, the business side of things. It wore us down and we felt like we were trying to please people other than ourselves. We were not really feeling good about the hoops we had to jump through. Exhaustion was another reason we had to take a break. But now this is right for us, to do this on our own because we’re in total control. That’s very liberating and more fun.”

The article is also worth a read as you get some insight from our 101WKQX Program Director Troy about how the Piqniq lineup gels together and how this festival fits in with the summer concert season. Below you can check our Not Ready For Broadcast Podcast with Troy where he talks about the future of alternative music and where our fun little radio station fits into all that.