Skittles Expands Production to Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs



Production of Skittles candy will begin in suburban Yorkville this week.  Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co., the Chicago-based makers of the colorful treat and a subsidiary of Mars, said the plant where the Skittles will be made has been two years in the making. After a $50 million expansion that revamped the space to be 145,000 square feet larger and an addition of 75 new workers for the Skittles line, the production is ready start rolling out the fruit-flavored candy. Skittles were previously created in Waco, Texas along with the company’s other popular brands Starburst and Snickers. The expansion to Chicago’s southwest suburbs is to help keep up with demand. (READ MORE HERE)

Can this fill the void left by Oprah. Probably not but this could bring me closer to realizing my dream of jumping into a swimming pool of Skittles!! – @marconibologna