White Sox players share their favorite baseball movies


(from redeyechicago.com)

While Chicago baseball fans continue the timeless Sox-Cubs feud this summer, there’s one thing we can all agree on: There are some awesome baseball movies.

White Sox players recently revealedĀ their favorites.

Brett Lawrie, second baseman

“The Sandlot.” It’s a movie I watched growing up as a kid. One of the first baseball movies I watched growing up as a kid. It goes hand in hand. I think the biggest thing to take [from the movie] is that there’s no thoughts, no cares. It’s just about baseball, playing baseball and keeping it simple. It was an easier time. Keeping it simple I think is the biggest thing. They’re a group and they’ve been a group for an extended period of time and they just continued to build [on] that.

That’s what we do in here. We see each other every single day, we do the same thing every day. We see each other more than we see our families in here, so it’s important that we hold each other accountable and have fun in here and get it done. (READ MORE HERE)