Star Wars political ad campaigns against Princess Leia


Star Wars continues to be as awesome as ever this week with this recent faux-political ad against Princess Leia which plays into the upcoming novel ‘Star Wars: Bloodlines’. The story of the SW book features a side story where the rebel leader runs for office. This must-see video was crafted as a part of the full length web show ‘the Star Wars Show’ which is serves as video vessel to reveal big new nerd bombs and engaging conversations for fans on Star Wars official Youtube channel.


The jokes in this ad really dig deep for any Star Wars fans but if I was voting on the planet Alderan, Leia would get my support. At least this is a story about politics you can share on Facebook without making people fight in the comments, unless they are very loyal to Darth Vader.

Oh almost forgot, May the Force be with you…and with you…and you…yeah, even you over there, you get to have the force too.

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