Rings keeps couples from binge-watching apart


Maintaining a healthy committed relationship can be hard, especially when one of the people in the relationship CHEATS…. by skipping ahead on a streaming TV show that your supposed to watch together ’cause like, that’s OUR show… THAT WE WATCH TOGETHER, KAREN!

According to an article published this week by Redeye, ice cream company Cornetto has made a tech-savvy solution recently with the internet-connected rings to keep your binge-watching fidelity.  Yes, an ice cream company. We don’t know why they specifically are involved but you scream, I scream, we all scream in anger when we walk in on our lover suddenly four episodes ahead of us on ‘House of Cards’. This sad yet needed turn in the page of modern day humanity was revealed in this video below.

The solution is two rings that link up to an app, you then register the rings and the shows you stream together. If the two rings are not close enough, the app will prevent you from watching the streaming TV shows you watch together. Now if you take off the ring and watch the show you can get around it, but you know that’s never a good sign when bae takes off their ring.

This sounds like a ingenious joke but these rings are real but are not available just yet as Cornetto is working out deals with streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and others. You can find out more at the website seriescommitment.com and hopefully eventually get a pair of these rings to keep your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/FWB from leaving you for Don Draper in Mad Men or one of the many dead characters on Game of Thrones.

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