WOW! New song from Beck released


Following up his booty-moving soul-shaking song ‘Dreams’ from last year, the ever-inventive Beck has released a new song after teasing it on Instagram with multiple eye catching videos. The full song ‘WOW’ below has a get-on-your-feet bob-your-head infectious beat, so get infected by it here….um sorry, that sounded wrong.

If your fan of Mr. Hansen’s funkier work on the albums ‘Midnite Vultures’, ‘Odelay’, and ‘Mellow Gold’, this is right up your alternative alley. The lyrics appear to play off every day things we come across in life that are impressive and make you say an obvious word.

Beck has been working on a new album with several different collaborators for several years, with some of the work pre-dating 2014’s ‘Morning Phase’ which won a Grammy as moodier album focusing on soothing acoustic vibes. In a recent interview, he stated the new album is almost done with delays last year caused by touring opportunities and doing some other collaborations. Let’s hope we get Beck and company coming to Chicago soon.


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