Inside Saved By The Max!

I was SO EXCITED to be able to check out Saved By The Max, the Saved By The Bell themed pop-up diner and bar in Wicker Park Sunday night, and it was everything I hoped and dreamed it would be!  One caveat with the soft opening; no phones and no pictures inside the diner.  I gladly handed mine over and witnessed (and experienced) REAL HUMAN INTERACTION.  It was glorious.  Therefore, the only picture I have to show you from Sunday is this:


Thankfully for you, Vogue published a full spread and you can see Saved By The Max in all it’s glory HERE.

📷: David Miller

Everything was so well done, there is even a recreation of Principal Belding’s office!  The grand opening is tomorrow night, book your reservation HERE and make sure you order the Kelly Kapowski and AC Sliders – they are the jam. #IWasSavedByTheMax

<3 @laurenoneil