Jimmy Fallon, Maya Rudoplh, & Martin Short in a silly Chicago PD spoof


On last night’s ‘Tonight Show’ host Jimmy Fallon with comedy legend Martin Short and SNL alum Maya Rudoplh  shared a fake flashback to an 80’s Chicago-based cop drama ‘The Windy City Blue’ that never really existed but was pretty funny none the less. These are the type of sketches Fallons pulls off the best, the tongue deep in the cheek and showing how much fun he is having with fellow TV pals.

As someone who grew up in a Chicago Police family, I am pretty sure officers don’t get grow their hair that long or deal with that much silly string on a daily basis.

‘Marty & Maya’ a new variety comedy show with Short & Rudoplh will debut on Tuesday 9pm with special guests Tom Hanks, Larry David, Miley Cyrus, and Fallon returning for the fun. If this video is any type of teaser, this show will be a hoot. – @Kevkellam

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