The Next ‘Star Wars’ movie may have a name…SPOILERS?!

SPOILERS are below we think so scroll down if you want to know …..

ep8 final

Yes, it’s more than a year away from the next Star Wars movie but if your like most fans of the series you wanted Episode 8 right after you walk out of the theater after seeing Episode ‘The Force Awakens’. Well take this developing story with that intrigue but also a grain of salt as it’s not exactly confirmed, but we may have a name for the next Disney-produced space epic: ‘THE FALL OF THE RESISTANCE’. This video from Complex News compiles a leaked video and actuall info taken from people who scooped out a set where the next film is being shot. Looks like we’re getting a lot more light sabers duels and we can expect Luke Skywalker to throw down as well.

What do you think of this? The idea of Luke taking on Kylo Ren with Rey by his side is making me salivate like a dog looking at a steak. Disney, can we get the movie now? We really really want it!