Chicago Could Get Its Very Own Beer Museum With An On-Site Bar



The Lucas Museum may be on its way out of Chicago, but a new, more Chicago-specific museum is coming to fill the void: the Chicago Brewseum, a museum of beer. With a house bar, of course.

The project is still in the early stages—they just launched a GoFundMe—but the Brewseum has some of the biggest names in Chicago beer on its side. Board members include John Hall, founder of Goose Island Brewery, and Josh Deth, founder of Revolution Brewing. (READ MORE HERE)

I guess if we enjoy a few less beverages we could help add to the GoFundMe campaign?? Would this Brewseum include the history of Chicago brews and maybe a special edition of beers you could only get at the Brewseum bar? A honey lemon twisted Old Style light draft or maybe a 312 Brewseum IPA?? So many ideas. The name is so far the best thing I’ve ever heard. GO BREWSEUM GO!! – @marconibologna