VIDEO: Abandoned amusement parks are creepy



In the past few years there has been a growing trend of blogging adventures from abandoned places around the world,  so a viral video posted last week from the former Nara Dreamland amusement park in Japan really captures this demented adventure in the best way possible. 

Dreamland is already odd in that it’s a Disney-inspired knock off with an uncanny resemblance to the Sleeping Beauty castle and Mainstreet USA of the famous DisneyWorld park. Think of going to a real haunted house but throw on the color and charm of a place that was meant to be nothing but  family fun and all ages entertainment, that is what Dreamland looks like now. This is not a fairy tale with a happy ending though as the park was shuttered for good in 2006.

Note some of the language is PG13 in this video from ‘Exploring with Josh’.

This is just weird out-there thing to do. It also just looks like a lot of tetanus infections waiting to happen, but that’s probably just my anxiety talking more than anything. What abandoned places have you ventured to? What local creepy spots have you checked out? Let us know Twitter @101WKQX.