Best Egg Sandwiches In Chicago



Egg sandwiches and breakfast are inextricably linked—and since kick-starting your day right is serious business, it helps to know where the tastiest versions are found. Check out some favorites around town. (READ MORE HERE) 

THIS LIST IS INCREDIBLE!! I must do my research. I’ve never wanted to get paid to be a food critic because I hate saying negative things about someone’s craft. If I didn’t like something I was meant to critique I would just hire Gordon Ramsay to say “It tasted like cold wet mush, AWFUL!!” I don’t like anyone to feel bad for creating. I WOULD however love to be a professional ‘Food Discoverer’. Or even sidekick to Anthony Bourdain. I could just roam the earth in search of amazing food. I would also travel with a personal trainer so I could afford to eat all of the things on all of the menus!!! DREAMS!! – @marconibologna