Hot Doug’s Is Back (Again), With A Summer Hot Dog Festival



Doug Sohn, Hot Doug’s namesake Doug, has had trouble retiring. He technically retired in October of 2014, but like the Jay-Z of encased meats, he keeps coming back—selling hot dogs at Wrigley Field, and at a one-day-only January pop-up, and now… at the second annual Dog Dayz of Summer, a hot dog festival. (READ MORE HERE)

ANYTHING that brings Hot Doug’s out of “retirement” is ok with me. He seems like a great guy and if you’ve heard him as a guest on Brian and Lou you know he’s not so bad at radio either. IS THERE ANYTHING HOT DOUG CAN’T DO!!?? …That’s not a challenge unless it involves me getting a fastpass to Hot Doug’s deliciousness. – @marconibologna (on air weeknights 7-12)