Blackhawks could end the Blues series in one game



Is it possible the Blackhawks-Blues playoff series could be over Wednesday night if the Hawks win?┬áThe Blues coach previewed the playoff series by talking about starting at the top with the defending Stanley Cup champions. He said the Hawks’ skill isn’t as big an obstacle as their resolve. (READ MORE HERE)

So it sounds as if we’re in their head. Sure you have to have the skill that it takes to win which obviously the Blackhawks do but if you can get inside someone’s┬ápsyche it makes it easier to catch them making mistakes. Why do you think there’s so much trash talk in sports. You throw someone off their game and they’re done. But wait, maybe the Blues coach said those things on purpose to get the Blackhawks over confident?? NICE TRY!! We’ll settle this one ON THE ICE!! GO HAWKS!! – @marconibologna