20 predictions about the Riot Fest 2016 lineup that are probably wrong


(from redeyechicago.com)

With early bird tickets on sale now, it looks like Riot Fest is set to release its 2016 bill (happening Sept. 16-18 at Douglas Park) soon. (Or, whenever the Riot Fest Twitter Guy feels like it). (READ MORE HERE)

A few possibilities not mentioned were Green Day – Could you imagine seeing them whilst standing up to your ankles in muds? Close your eyes as you listen to a Green Day song standing in a bathtub full of mud while wearing shoes you don’t care about if you need help. Yep. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME AM I RIGHT? Last time I saw them they pulled a kid out the crowd and had him play guitar on stage. IDK if the kid was a plant or not but it was pretty cool either way.

Soundgarden!! When Chris Cornell was here I asked him if he would please play Riot Fest with his friends from SG. He didn’t say no!!! So, there’s a chance you guys!! – @marconibologna