Gripe all you want on social media, Chicago not bringing back ‘I voted’ stickers

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Chicagoans may have taken to social media to complain about not getting “I voted” stickers after casting their ballots in Tuesday’s primary, but that isn’t doing much to sway city election officials.(READ MORE HERE)

Who knew so many people only voted just to get a sticker to show everyone else they voted. Are these the same people who post a gym selfie every time they step on a dreadmill to burn a calorie? IDK, but if you’re voting so you can brag or shame someone you’re doing it wrong. I do however like when people post photos that they voted to encourage others to do so. If that’s the reason you want a sticker then I have a solution!! Thanks to the glorious internet YOU TOO CAN OWN AN ‘I VOTED TODAY’ STICKER!! You could even pass them out at the polls if you want!! GET YOUR STICKERS HERE!! – @marconibologna