That app we all said we didn’t want came out today



Last October, a two-person tech company based in Canada gave an interview to The Washington Post to talk up their new app, Peeple. The idea — “Yelp, but for people” — was, to put it lightly, not popular. It immediately kicked off a wild outburst, prompting furious reactions on every social platform imaginable and a glut of thinkpieces pointing to the app as a sign of the end times. (READ MORE HERE) I suggest downloading this app and reviewing Todd that guy you never liked in high school but tolerated because his dad owned the pizza place near the school and sometimes he would give out free pizza to Todd’s friends. Believe me, with a personality like Todd’s he needed a dad with a pizza place to make friends!! Wait…what was I talking about again? Oh yeah all of this is going on Todd’s review!! – @marconibologna