Burrito Drone Delivery Being Considered in Chicago??

By @MarconiBologna

burrito drone

City Council considering rules that would prohibit drones from flying within five miles of Chicago airports, near schools, hospitals and churches under a plan that will be presented to the Aviation Committee. The Chicago Park District would have the ability to designate areas where the planes and drones would be allowed. In addition, drone owners would have to register their devices as well as carry insurance.

I don’t really care what they do as long as this plan includes free burrito delivery when the Blackhawks win!! Also, If I’m at the airport, a hospital, picking up my nephews from school, going to church with my mom or looking at the Christmas Tree in Millennium Park shouldn’t I be able to have burrito drones drop the desired sustainable treasures I want anywhere I go? DON’T PUT YOUR RULES ON MY BODY CITY COUNCIL!! What are your thoughts on drone regulation (and burrito drone delivery obv the more important issue here)? Leave your comments on Facebook and Twitter. #BurritoDrone