JBTV – Safe Drive – 2014

The Safe Drive Live Music program features inspired live performances and cautionary messages from several of the biggest names in indie and alternative rock.

Saturday, December 27, 2014
12 Noon – 10 PM

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Since 1987, JBTV host Jerry Bryant has used the Safe Drive Live Music Marathon to deliver anti-impaired driving messages to all adults, especially young adults who are typically harder to reach.

Jerry carries the message that everyone of a legal drinking age has the right to enjoy a good time with alcohol while also being responsible.

Bryant has worked with road safety advocate Marti Beluschi from day one. The two have carried on the tradition for over 25 years, dutifully reminding adults to drive safely. Recent shows have included a reminder to avoid using mobile devices while operating a motor vehicle.

Beluschi enthusiastically supports Bryant’s message and approach: “Jerry Bryant produces the most entertaining program that communicates a positive message about not driving impaired. He’s really made a difference by reaching adults with a message communicated by musicians who younger adults, in particular, are more likely to follow.”

Jesse White has been a contributor and supporter of the Safe Drive program almost since he took office as IL Secretary of State. White says, “First of all Jerry Bryant, I want to thank you for all that you’ve done in helping us to make the roads of Illinois safer. The message on television is one that everyone should listen to and view. I just want to thank you for your giving and caring spirit and commitment to making Illinois the safest ever”