Why become a Junkie?

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Junkies get the unfair advantage to some killer giveaways… all of that is waiting for you on the othe side.

There are two ways to take advantage of being a Junkie.


1. Free Fix Contests
Register for a variety of giveaways on our Free Fix contesting page. This is your "classic" register-to-win contest section.

You can also access "Contests" under Free Fix, located in the main navigation.

How To Win

  1. Pick a giveway from the "Contests" page.
  2. About halfway down the giveaway's page, enter in your email address.
    • If your email is in our database, then you'll be asked for your Junkie password. Click Submit.
    • If your email is not in our database, then you'll be asked to provide some contact info to become a Junkie. Click Submit.
  3. After clicking Submit button, you'll see a message, confirming your registration.

2. Junkies sweetjackVIP
This is a new spot where you can play various games and earn points for your account. These points can be used to redeem prizes when applicable.

You can also access the Junkies sweetjackVIP site by clicking the yellow "Junkies" button located in the upper-right hand corner of the website.

Veteran Junkies:
If you're mainly interested in the "classic" way of winning concert tickets and other cool station giveaways, stick to the Free Fix contests.


Update Your Junkie Profile

Moved? Married? Running from the law? Whatever your reasons are, click the button below and you'll be redirected to the Junkies sweetjackVIP site to update the info on your Junkie profile.