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Update on girl who got her boyfriend’s name “tattooed” on her forehead

Last week, Brian & Kenzie were talking about this girl who got her boyfriend’s name “tattooed” across her forehead.

Most people (myself included) could tell it was fake (have you ever SEEN an actual tattoo?)

But she argued it was real.

And kept arguing it was real


Replying to @Hilary Winston-Withers

♬ original sound – Ana Stanskovsky

And kept posting videos arguing that it’s real

And kept posting and kept arguing, in fact she was “sick and tired of everyone thinking her tattoo was fake.”


Replying to @Dydyfycy Let me prove its real #tattoo #facetattoo

♬ original sound – Ana Stanskovsky

Until she admitted it was fake. But she lied about getting it for a good reason…

She doesn’t want young people making the same mistake. But I don’t think she is giving young people enough credit. But just in case she is, YOUNG PEOPLE: PLEASE DON’T GET A KEVIN FOREHEAD TATTOO. <3 Lauren